Because + Noun = Over


It’s been one year since I saw my first posting of “because boobs.” I had to read it several times, afraid the author might have burst into flames or been swept down rapids, before I realized that was the sentence. (I’m slow on the uptake, even more so on social media because I’m several thousand years old.)

Soon after, I began seeing “because chocolate,” closely followed by “because wine,” and later, when the menfolk caught on, “because diesel.”

Yes! It’s clever. You’re eliminating words, how terrifyingly cray-cray.

Today, I witnessed the coup de grace of because + noun on a guided tour, where the guide, a vivacious nerd-girl used because + noun more times than I could count because nausea.

That’s it, everyone. I’m calling it. Time of death, 8:35 PM Tuesday, September 23, 2014.

Doesn’t that feel better?

Let’s move on and usher in the next catchphrase my mother will be misusing for the next 2 years.


2 thoughts on “Because + Noun = Over

  1. Sandra

    I feel that way about the catchphrase “That + noun + tho” commonly used to pay a compliment online. A comment on a picture of someone looking nice might read “that dress tho.” I just want someone to finish the sentence, and to spell though correctly.

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