Sure, you could buy them…

this is the only picture I have. I'm not a food blogger.

this is the only picture I have. I’m not a food blogger.

There’s about a foot of snow on the ground, which would be great, if it weren’t so &#$@ cold. It’s one of those cruel winter days that looks sunny and amazing but actually sucks.

That’s why we decided to make noodles. My son didn’t even know you could make noodles. Heck, neither did I – why would you make something you can get for a buck at the grocery store? It’s crazy! It’s like churning your own butter or removing your own tonsils!

We made noodles because I was desperate. That’s why.

They’re SO EASY and fun, I don’t know why I never knew about it before! I got an udon noodle recipe from this site, but I halved it in case they weren’t very good. I love my kids, but I am NOT eating two pounds of gummy noodles. (It also calls for a large Ziplock bag, and I only had the gallon size.)

Our recipe was ½ cup warm water, 2 teaspoons salt & 2 cups all-purpose flour. (That’s the only flour I have. I’m sure there’s some special flour you need for authentic udon noodles. But, again, desperate.)

We dissolved the salt in the water – Don’t you just love science? – put the flour in a mixing bowl, poured in the salt water and mixed with our hands. This was messy, but it didn’t stay sticky for long, so don’t freak out. In a jiffy, we had a nice, warm dough we could knead.

Then we put it in the bag. We sealed it, folded it in a bath towel, put it on the floor and STEPPED ON IT. Squished it down flat. Yes, we kneaded it with our feet! Four times! After the last squish, we let it rest about 4 hours.

(Is this not the perfect thing for little kids? Do the fun part, and then walk away for 4 hours!)

I brought my daughter home from school, and we did the feet thing one more time. I boiled broth in a 4-quart soup pot because I didn’t want to crowd our noodle babies. Meantime, I shaped them…

Rolling didn’t work, so I had to stretch it like pizza dough. My kids were gone by this time, which gave me room to cuss if I needed to. But I didn’t need to! Once the dough was as thin as I could manage, I folded it and sliced it, and unfurled them one at a time. (Did I mention I halved the recipe? I’m so smart!) Then, into the pot.

The noodles were thick and gnarly. I cooked them about 8 minutes. They had some “chew” to them, which was fine.

I drained them, heated a splash of broth in the pot with garlic, chopped carrot, and scallion. I added the noodles and about ¼ cup of teriyaki sauce. (But nobody cares, I know.)

They were a huge hit! My daughter made sure I had some leftover to pack in her lunch because she wants to brag about making noodles. She should brag. I’m bragging right now! This is definitely going in the next Free or Cheap book!

You HAVE to try this and let me know how it went. I promise I will never food-blog again.

Here’s my Facebook page, if you’re into that kind of thing.


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