Oh my grrd, I love Mom of 6. I’ll keep this post short, so you can run right over to her blog and READ IT.

We just lived through spring break (barely), and I have a husband and only 2 kids, but here I am, limping along after a week of no school.

In writing and in life, I’ve always considered myself a “pantser” (flying by the seat of my ginormous mom-pants.) Ironically, the secret to this is preparedness.

Last Moms’ Night Out, I disclosed my secret of keeping 2 sets of sheets on my kids’ beds: waterproof sheet, fitted sheet, waterproof sheet, fitted sheet, and an extra blanket in the closet.

“But your kids don’t have accidents anymore, do they?”

No, but they like to throw up when I’m in a dead sleep.

I started the sheet trick when I had 2 under 2, and changing one sets of sheets was a GOOD night. Now, all I have to do is wash the offending set in the morning and replace it. When they’re sick, I just rip off the sheets, get them a bucket and a towel and GO BACK TO BED.

So here’s my tip of the day: next time you’re at a nice restaurant, don’t sit near the table of moms.


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