Time Well Spent


About a month ago, I was wasting time on Facebook. My kids were hanging around pestering me, not letting me just sit there and do what I wanted to do.

I thought I would get up and make some cupcakes.

Cupcakes - I'll teach those kids to mess with me.

Cupcakes – I’ll teach those kids to mess with me.

I happened to post this threat, and my friend, Angel said, “Do it. I love doing things on impulse…” Angel is a teacher, novelist, and darn good mother.

So I made the cupcakes. Then I showed the kids how to flavor frosting and we made vanilla, mint, and mocha. They loved me. I loved me. We all loved cupcakes.

I spend a fair amount of time focusing on making the kids happy. I try too hard to entertain them. “Where do you want to go today? The museum? Library? Bounce house? Gym?…”

When they just want to play in the yard, I’m offended, and I sulk away, thinking about how spoiled they are.

Then, I make myself busy, and say I don’t have time for them.  It’s pretty crummy now that I see it written down.

It’s not the kids who are spoiled. Actually, I’m spoiled because it’s not easy just to be at home with them. It was so difficult in the beginning, I wrote a whole book about how to bear it, and how I made the best of it. (I’m rolling my seasoned-parent eyes.)

Doing things with my kids – simple things – really IS the best of it. Last night, we cut a watermelon together. That was all we did! They went to bed happy!

Today, my son spent the WHOLE day in the back yard. We planted some lavender and he watered it. We looked in the soil for worms.

Rosemary Wells wrote, “Children spell love T-I-M-E.” hug

My children are excellent spellers.

They don’t always let me do what I want to do. They make me do what’s important.


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