Grandpa K, Bird Real Estate Agent


It started in April when the robins began scoping out the eaves in the front of my parents’ house. They like to build nests in the decorative rough-hewn beams around the front porch. The nests are messy, there’s guano all over the concrete, and the protective robins dive at anyone coming in our out of the house.

My dad’s come up with may creative solutions over the years. Once he stuffed the beams with old rubber boots. (A touch of elegance…) He also tried empty laundry soap bottles.

I even bought him some classy clear plastic spikes from the Humane Society, but the robins went ahead and nested right over all of these things.

Sons of bitches!

Sons of bitches!

We’re a family that’s soft on bird crimes, and my kids adore robin broods in the spring. They gave my dad hand-painted bird houses for Father’s Day a few years back because they thrive on irony.

The houses were a big hit! My dad hung them in the tree in the front yard. The robins moved in right away. “You should see them in and out of those houses all day,” my mom told us, “So busy.”

But birds of a feather flock together, and since no one was using the eaves, a few more robins started families on the porch. My dad went back to thinking of new baffles. “Maybe if I had a styrofoam ball, I could stick spikes in there…”

bird mace 3

Going medieval



We don’t know what he’ll try next. If you have any creative solutions, I’ll be happy to pass them along.


Happy Father’s Day to my dad, my husband, father-in-law, and to all men who are loving, kind, and fatherly. We love you XOXO


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