Hey! Who Put These Ads Here?


Hello. I am a humble writer with a free WordPress blog (I love you, WordPress)

Who has $3/month to blow on fancy blog hosting?

Not. Me.

Thusly, if you read my page, you might see an ad or two.

hurt look

Every day, it’s like a knife in the heart.

Don’t Panic (Mom)!

I am NOT getting any money from Monkey Butt Powder,Miracle Ear, or Jimmy John’s. (Not that I would refuse – these are all fine products…) AND, I don’t have access to your Facebook activity and/or Google searches.

Trust me, I don’t want it – but somebody does.

So, when you open my blog, you’re going to see these ads. They are largely based on you and what those market-savvy people think you might want to buy.

(Maybe someone needs a dash of Monkey Butt Powder?)

Can they be disconcerting? YES. I clicked on a news article about a train derailment in Philadelphia and the ad in the sidebar was “TRAINWRECK coming This Summer.”

I know, right?

I know, right?

I also saw an American Apparel ad on a blog post about a mother who’s daughter was abducted by a sex offender. I doubt this blogger or mother intended me to see an actual child in stilettos and Lycra.

I shudder to think what kind of ads my post about pregnancy and childbirth generated. (American Apparel AND Monkey Butt Powder, most likely)

Rest assured, I don’t choose the ads you see, and I don’t make a penny from them. (Unless we can work out an arrangement. I’m flexible.)

Speaking of shameless plugs…

The finest known to man

the finest known to man

my books are available wherever ebooks are sold. Promotional consideration provided by Jimmy John’s, Miracle Ear, and Monkey Butt Powder. Lynn’s wardrobe courtesy of American Apparel.*

*Not really. But, it COULD be.


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