General Mills’s heart is in the right place with Box Tops for Education. I appreciate the dime they give our school every time I pay $4 for a box of cereal laden with sugar and preservatives.

dimes in my cupboard

My bounty of Box Tops

Here’s my real-life collection of Box Tops. Every time we finish a product, I pull out the scissors and harvest the coupon – The kids can’t do it, because after “breakfast,” they’re too strung out to handle scissors.

Sometimes, I have to rummage through the recycling to find the damn things. (You wouldn’t throw dimes in the trash, would you?)

Whenever I cut a Box Top, I can’t help but remember the subsidies General Mills actually gets from the SNAP program. It seems like we’re helping them a little more ($75.67 billion) than they’re helping us. Hey, I’m not bitter… why would they leave money on the table?

But I do have kids in school.

And I’m passionate about these programs because they ADD UP.

While it would be nice if companies just GAVE ten cents of every purchase to schools (which, I’m sure they do, in the form of taxes… I mean, they wouldn’t just take federal funds without paying their fair share, would they?), they want us to get our hands dirty. They want to see us crawl. It’s a game we’re already playing.

Mind. Blown.

Mind. Blown.

I actually called Box Tops, General Mills, and Reynolds (also a participating partner) to find out how many people who buy products with Box Top offers on the packaging actually cut off the coupons and send them in.

Here’s what I found out: The companies themselves didn’t have exact figures, only dollar amounts in their annual reports. Box Tops for Education allows participating schools to redeem up to $20,000 in labels. Some schools reach that goal, and other schools only send in about $2 worth, but as the Box Tops representative said, “Every little bit counts, right?”


So, I am going on a mission to get every school $20,000 in freaking BOX TOPS!

I know I’d feel a heck of a lot better sending my kid to school with a bag full of cardboard scraps (and the Box Tops, too) if I knew there was $20 grand in it from all those dang Ziploc bags!

What do you say?

Let’s stick it to the Man. I want EVERYONE to go to your pantry and refrigerator and see if you have any products with Box Tops for Education on them.

Cut out those labels whether you have kids in school or not. Feel the gratification when you say, “That’s right, corporate establishment: Ten cents to my local school  – cough it up!”

Those companies don’t turn up their nose at free money, and neither should we.

Get dirty! Clip until your hands are calloused and raw! Then take those #$&@* Box Tops to the nearest school and drop them off like a boss.


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