E-books Only?


I have several e-book titles available on amazon.com, and have not published any in print. This has been deliberate for the following reasons:

  1. I write short books, mostly how-to. They’re the kind of book you can just open on your PC, e-reader, or phone and peruse. It seems wasteful to me to publish them in print: they’d be more expensive, take up space in your house (for more on that see this), and, frankly, I find thin, soft-cover books a real pain.

    as good as it freaking gets


  2. I could offer a print-on-demand version on amazon.com just to make my e-book look like a bargain (a strategy recommended by many book-marketers), but I don’t want to go through the bother of formatting the whole dang thing for that reason alone.
  3. If ever I want to make changes, I can upload a new version. Anyone who bought the book will get a notification of these updates. To me, that’s pretty cool. There’s nothing worse than holding a beautiful paper copy of your baby and seeing a tiny flaw. Nothing worse. Genocide? No. Grizzly accident? Not worse.

    Worse than someone saying “yous” for plural “you”? … Maybe not.


What if someone wants a print copy of one of my books? In five years, it’s never happened, so I don’t know. People have been giddy with the bookmarks I’ve had made up, and if that’s enough for them, it’s enough for me.

I’ve lived long enough to “never say never,” but I’ve also lived long enough to know that some things just don’t make any sense. Things like preschool yearbooks, anything from the Franklin Mint, and commemorative cereal boxes (sorry, mice!)

Lest you think I undervalue my work, I do not. I’m proud of my books and happy to share them, but I also consider myself a reasonable person. If you’d like to believe you’re saving seven bucks by buying an e-book instead of a print copy, go ahead! I would rather have a few more healthy trees on the planet.

I’m humble like that. ; )



One thought on “E-books Only?

  1. Lynn Mohney

    So true! I have books I prefer to be in paper-mostly reference books-but I’m coming to terms with most things can be read on an ereader just fine

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