What’s In the Freezer?


Spring has sprung! Here in Wisconsin, that means the ground is almost thawed enough to finally bury all of those pets we loved and lost over the winter. Here Lies Sweets, parakeet popsicle…


Priority Package to Heaven!


They’re really cute when they’re alive.

Here’s Swirly the triops who ate all of his brothers, but never bothered the water flea. (We didn’t preserve the water flea – it went down the drain with the triops water.)

Any shelf in our freezer is likely to hold somebody awaiting his final resting place. Or, it could just be meat. Check with me before you help yourself – that’s a house rule.

One of these days, we’ll have a funeral. It will be a happy celebration of life! Not because these poor animals had it so great over here. I mean, little Sweets lived through three freewheeling years with our elderly cat (who was never in the freezer, BTW. I can’t even fit a pizza in that freezer.) but died of a heart attack when we got a younger, feistier cat who could actually move.

It will be a celebration because the kids will get to dig in the mud and know something they buried there will remain. Not forever – we have a terrible muskrat problem, and they dug up each expired pet hermit crab and left claws all over the lawn –  but at least until the kids go to bed.

Our intentions and loving thoughts, however, will remain. And that’s what’s important.

Ashes to ashes –  or muskrats.

Happy Spring, everyone!




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