Friendly Hospitality


Goodbye, fluffy leg hair! Hello, summer!

(Just kidding, fluffy leg hair – you can stay.)

And here in Wisconsin, summer means travel: for lots of birds who know how miserable it is for the rest of the year.

My kiddos have just re-opened their hospitality operations for the season.

Here’s the “Bird Hotel.” Note the shady location, locally-sourced perches, and all-day buffet!


So much fun, you won’t be able to leave!


Here’s the “Frog Hotel.” I still don’t know if frogs enjoy sand all that much, but there’s a spray bottle, er… water park.


Hop on in! It’s an easy escape.

There’s also a fish hotel: a modern all-glass structure with  “breathtaking” 360 views of everything not underwater. It’s not open at the moment.

What can I say? They like to entertain other species. And other species entertain them, whether they like it or not. A few days ago, I heard a racket at the bird hotel, and realized a cedar waxwing was having some issues with checkout. I opened the side and it flew out without so much as a tip. Birds!


I’m leaving a bad review on Yelp!

“Haven’t you ever heard of the Roach Motel?” I ask. It’s a famous TV commercial from  1981, which I see when I show it to them on YouTube, so I guess I answered my own question.

They think this is terrible.

“That’s a trap,” my daughter objects. Okay, they also think it’s kind of funny. “They check in, but they don’t check out!” my son says, “That’s from Bee Movie!”

Ha ha.

We have strict policies in place so these “getaways” don’t turn into Hotel California. So, never fear, wildlife! If you find you’re an accidental tourist, just remember, Mom will be along shortly to liberate you.

And thank you for your patronage.

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