Give Goop a Chance

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The leftover school supplies came home yesterday. My second grader, who started the year with two 4-oz bottles of white glue lamented that she had only used one and just started another.

“There aren’t any fun art projects in second grade,” she concluded.

I said second graders are probably more careful and don’t waste as much glue. She wasn’t listening.

“Can I use this glue to make goop?”

After a long day, I was in no mood to make goop.I was still up to my elbows unpacking my kindergarten kid’s leftovers.

He ended up with TWO FULL 4-oz bottles of glue! (Aha! Nobody lets 17 five year olds loose with liquid glue.) Naturally, he wanted to make goop, too.


I caved.

We measured, emptied the glue, chose pretty colors, and in about 30 seconds, they had smooth, slippery, bounce-back goop.

Here’s a link to the video we used. It’s made from Borax, white glue, water & food coloring.

Now, I’m a grown person, averse to snot-based polymers, but I found myself actively trying to resist that goop. It looked so cool. Why should they get it all to themselves?

About a week ago, our school ran a book fair. We probably received a dozen or more “adult coloring books.” (Not that kind of adult, though I’m sure they exist. Please don’t send links.) Parents were delighted. They bought out the Harry Potter and Dr. Who titles, along with colored pencil sets and fancy markers. Childhood pastimes aren’t just for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest anymore!

If you weren’t into the coloring book craze, or maybe your hands are cramped up like vulture talons from filling in all those tiny spaces, give something like goop a chance. It’s surprisingly clean and easy to wrangle, a half batch (with 2 oz glue and 1/2 teaspoon Borax) is still enough to satisfy, and it stays workable for a long time. We’ve had ours for two days, and it’s still good as new. You will wear out before your goop does.

For many more fun and relaxing sensory activities, check out my ebook, After School – only $0.99 on the ‘zon.

Thanks to the Friskies Catify App.


One thought on “Give Goop a Chance

  1. digitalgrannyblog

    I’ve been making “Goop” with my Grandkids this summer. This is a fun post. I just went to Amazon and bought your eBook. You are welcome!

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