Someone Wrote Hip Hop Hooray




Take heart, writers. When you’re banging your head against a wall crafting that perfect paragraph – or worse, the dreaded back-cover blurb – just remember that someone wrote Hip Hop Hooray, the big hit song from 1993.

According to Wikipedia, NINE people, nine grown men wrote Hip Hop Hooray. Hip Hop Hooray took a veritable village. It is a monument to pointless stuff that went out into the world and caught on.

(I mean REALLY caught on – Spike Lee directed the video.)

What does this have to do with your beautiful, heart-wrought piece of art? Only this: maybe you’re overthinking it. Maybe you should just finish the story and get it out there. Send it off to an agent or a publisher. They’ll tell you if it’s good enough as it is, or if you need to change it to make it a winner.

I imagine when Naughty By Nature sent Hip Hop Hooray to their producer, Eazy-E listened to it and said, “Hip Hop Hooray is NOT ENOUGH. It needs to go, Hip Hop Hoo-RAAAAYYYY, OOOOH, AAAYYY, OOOOH!”

When the NBN nine heard this, they probably gnashed their teeth and tore their hair.

“But that’s too commercial!” I’m sure they wailed, “They stripped away the NUANCE! Why-oh-why can’t anyone understand our genius?!?”

…And then they got a paycheck and started hearing the song every three minutes and got over it.

Soooo, who can name another song from that album (that’s the way songs used to come out in 1993, BTW) or any song at all from Naughty By Nature?


Well, that’s just fine with them. They weren’t out to write the Great American Rap Single. Everyone knows it’s Canadian, and it’s this:

… what were you expecting, Ice, Ice, Baby? 

Hip Hop Hooray was a product.

When all is said and done, your writing is a product, too.

Ugh, that sounds so crass!

Believe me, I only say this ’cause I’m naughty by nature, not ’cause I hate you: If you never want anyone to read and love your work, just keep a journal. We’ll discover it after you’re dead.

In the meantime, someone’s writing the next Hip Hop Hooray.

A leaky boom boom dam…


(Thanks to Naughty By Nature and Tommy Boy Records,  In Living Color, and Wikipedia.)


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