10 Things NOT to Say When Your Kid Gets in Trouble at School

  1. Thawaggert teacher went to a state school.
  2. You? Never.
  3. At least you’re not as bad as that other kid.
  4. Aw, were you hungry in your tummy when that happened?
  5. He/she has always had it in for our family.
  6. That other kid deserved it.
  7. Tell him/her I play golf with the School Superintendent.
  8. I thought their job was to teach.
  9. I hope you told him/her to cram it.
  10. Get me a beer.

It’s bound to happen. Even the “best” kids are going to step out of line, rebel, cross a difficult personality on a full moon, or just do something that’s plain stupid.


Kids is so dumb!

Here’s what you should say: nothing at first. Listen to the whole story, and then listen some more. Use your wise King Solomon ears to tease out your child’s responsibility for what happened. (Yes. I’m talking about your special angel.)

Take a deep breath and say, “I’m really sorry that happened. What can you do differently in the future?”

And that’s it. If you have a child in a school, you want to be on that team, and not stressing every minute about how “those idiots are doing you wrong.” (Is this really about you?) After your kid goes to bed, you can have that beer.


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