Fresh (re) Baked Bread


Hot n’ funky fresh, yo!

Two food posts in a row? I know, but you need this information.

Sometimes I go to the store and buy bakery bread or rolls.

Then, I don’t eat it right away, and it gets dried out.


You can resurrect it:


Three days? No problem!

Take the loaf of bread, turn on your faucet, and wet the bread. Don’t soak it! Just get the crust a little dewy. Put it on a cookie sheet.

Put the cookie sheet in the oven, and turn it to 400° Farenheit (205° Celsius). Don’t preheat!

Just stick the wet bread in there and set the timer for 10 minutes, or eight if you want a softer crust. In that time, your oven will heat, but it matters not. Take the bread out at 8-10 minutes.


It will be warm, dreamy, and ready to eat.


Enough pictures! I’m hungry…

Go ahead, buy a day-old baguette! Use those rolls from last night’s dinner party! Recycle yer bread, y’all.

Feels so gooooooood.

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